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CTPark Biatorbágy BIA5 logistic hall - 30.000 m2

CTPark Biatorbágy BIA6 logistic hall - 40.000 m2

CTPark Biatorbágy BIA9 logistic hall - 16.000 m2

CTPark Biatorbágy BIA11 logistic hall - 7.700 m2

Tesco logistic hall Szigetszentmiklós - 93.000 m2

Élelmiszer Üzlet Budakeszi

IKEA Soroksár 

Diehl logistic hall Nyírbátor - 7.700 m2

eMAG logistic hall Dunaharaszti - 120.000 m2

Airport City Logistic Center Benteler hall Vecsés 

Airport City UPS Logistic Center Vecsés - 16.000 m2

Logistic Hall Ecser -  65.000 m2

East Gate Business Park Fót Design and Build execution plans

Budapest Office building C  - 11.000 m2

CTPark Komárom KMR5 logistic hall - 18.000 m2

Jászfényszaru  Sangjin Micron logistic hall - 10.500 m2 | 물류 홀 - 10.500 m2

Jászfényszaru Evoring manufacturing plant - 24.400 m2 |  双环传动 生产厂房 - 24,400平方米 (under construction)

Kaposvár J-STAR manufacturing plant - 22.300 m2 |  产厂房 - 22,300平方米 (under construction)

CTPark Tatabánya TBN5 logistic hall - 33.000 m2

CTPark Dunaharaszti DNH2 logistic hall - 36.000 m2

IKEA Örs vezér tere restaurant extension and rebuilding

IKEA Restaurant rebuilding, extension Budaörs

Lenovo logistic hall Üllő- 37.000 m2

CTPark Üllő ULL6 logistic hall - 41.000 m2

CTPark Üllő ULL7 logistic hall - 20.000 m2

Vecses Airport City Logistic Centre E-F Buildings Vecses

Budapest Teleki str.  Residental and office building

Budapest Ürömfű str.  Residental building

Tiszafüred Residental building

Budapest Fogarasi str. 110. Residental building

Budapest Szuglo str. 123. Residental building

Budapest Testverhegyi  str. 14. Residental building

Residential Building Reitter Ferenc str. Budapest

Media Training Center Bűvösvölgy rebuilding

Subsequent enlargement og a hall span

Hall with a span of 60m

About us

Our company started its operation in 2004 as an architectural design office. Our activity is the design of residential building, office buildings, social facilities, shopping malls, industrial buildings, sports facilities, agricultural buildings, family houses. We also undertake the preparation of installation analyses, project preparation studies (due diligence study), as well as construction law consulting. We undertake the complex design of the constructions, from the preparation through the marketing to the construction plans, for which we also involve our established team of co-designers. We have had significant outstanding design liability insurance since 2004. Our office is a committed believer in cost-effective and development-oriented design and an approach that is maximally open to builders’ expectations. We constantly follow the opportunities offered by advanced technology and apply innovations in our daily activities (BIM). Our design experience can be a reliable basis for you or your company, we choose our office for the projects involving design work. Our designers have excellent skills as well as English and German language skills and they are highly qualified professionals.

Zoltán Bagi - Architect

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KÉPTÉR Építésziroda Kft. (KEPTER Architect Studio Ltd.) 1149 Budapest Besnyői utca 13. 2. emelet (2nd floor)

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